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A little about the artist


Paul William James Beaumont was born in Elland, Yorkshire, UK.

Paul works mainly in oils and acrylics plus other mediums to create classic art works with an added challenge to personalising each artwork around any particular client.

He has had solo exhibitions at the Post Modern Gallery, The Works, Number 9 Gallery and various locations in the UK.

Paul is passionate about art and being able to direct upcoming artists through teaching and art therapy, finding reproduction invaluable as a means to evolving your own art.

He is also known as 'Billy' Beaumont, creating artworks in his own style, working in oils, acrylics and watercolours.

Paul studied foundation art in all mediums in Eastleigh, Hampshire, graphic design national diploma and a fine art degree at Southampton School of Art, Southampton.

He is represented in Volume 1 of the International Contemporary Modern Artists. A member of Artsite, Open Studios and arts worker for Reach Arts Inclusive. He lives and works in Wiltshire.